February 2022 Newsletter

February Newsletter

I hope this all finds you well, I am hoping that everyone is well & the Covid rate is dropping, after a hectic few weeks of several staff and children coming down with it.

We are covering lots of different topics this month which includes (of course) St Valentines! We are also looking at The Three little pigs and travelling.

Experience afternoons
From April, we are going to introduce experience afternoons, we will invite you in for hour sessions with your child to experience play within the Nursery. Please let us know if you are interested so we can gage the potential uptake. They will be themed sessions, including Music, Messy Play, Baking and Craft. We look forward to welcoming you & we know that the children will love this!

Do any families have the following:
Old telephones.
Table cloths.
Stainless steel teapots / jugs or mugs.

If you do..... we would love them please!

Parent consults have so far gone well, please remember you are always welcome to come and see us or even give us a call for an update on your child’s progress.

Please remember to update any funding codes by the 31st March (3 Year Funding)

As of April we will sadly be stopping our school runs to Ashleigh School. We have struggled to juggle this during the recent months and unfortunately it is not economically viable to continue.

Half term starts on Monday 21st February please let us know if you require childcare outside of your term time hours. There is a small amount of Holiday club spaces. Please see Rebecca if you wish to book extra sessions.

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January 2022 Newsletter

January Newsletter

Welcome to our January Newsletter, we have had a wonderful start to the new term, the children have settled in really well and have enjoyed being back. We have enjoyed welcoming some new families to the setting.

Parent Consultations

The following dates are available for Parent Consultations, would you please contact a member of staff if you would like to book a slot. We are also happy to do these via teams if you would prefer.

Pre-School - Thursday 10th February

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September 2021 Newsletter

September Newsletter 2021

Welcome to our September Newsletter, firstly we would like to welcome all of our new families that have joined us. We are excited to watch your children grow and flourish.
Secondly, we wave good bye to many of our older children who are starting school, we wish them the very best of luck and we are extremely proud of you all!

Our OFSTED inspection has now taken place and I am extremely proud to tell you our outcome was good across all of the four areas. A huge thanks to our parents and carers for your lovely comments. Without you and your children we would not be here today doing the job that we love.

If you wish for Younger Siblings of children who already attend to be signing up to Nursery in the near future please see us now to reserve your space. I am anticipating a 6 – 12 month waiting list.

This term sees some huge changes for the Early Years Curriculum, we are trying to get our head around these and are planning a very simple start to the term.

We have considered re launching lunches, we would love some parent feedback so please let us know your thoughts, a possible start for these would be October at latest end of.
We propose a much simpler lunch menu, for example, pasta bakes, jacket potatoes, homemade soup, hot dogs. Pudding would consist of Yoghurt or fruit. These would need to be booked in advance and paid for in advance.

Toys / personal belongings
Could we ask that toys and personal belongings are left at home or in bags before the children enter Nursery. We end up losing them, they often get hidden by the children in the most peculiar places and these also cause children to argue in setting over items that aren’t ours which can make life a little distressing for all involved!

Christmas Cards are in production, if you would like to order a pack please let the girls know, payment will need to be provided before we order. The cost is £6 and the final date for ordering will be 8th October I shall post the designs for you to look at shortly after this newsletter.
As usual we will be doing our tea towels printed with logo and either your child’s self portrait or hand / foot print. Priced at £6.
We will also be offering your child’s Card design on a coaster priced at £4.50 each or £12 for 4.

Last year and this current year, saw many cancellations for us including the Christmas play, sports day – to name a few! Should we have any more interruptions we will aim to Film this but all parents will need to give permission. It would be good to know in advance if you wish your child to be disguised, so we can plan our characters – for example our donkeys usually have lovely headwear!

It is with great hope that I announce the dates this year as follows:

Christmas Play – Friday 10th December
Christmas Party – Friday 17th December
Father Christmas Visit – Date TBC
Polar Express Day – Monday 6th December (All in Pyjamas)

We are awaiting a new delivery of Uniform – These are NOT mandatory but if you wish for your child to have one please ask the girls to add you to our list, pricing 9.95 for a jumper, 5.50 for a polo. Please note our polo shirt colours have now been discontinued so will be white or Navy! Sizing is (1-2) (3-4) or (5).

New project
We get huge amounts of offers of donated goods such as clothing, shoes, pushchairs and toys.
Is anyone interested in a swap shop, our Cellar which is also known as the Dungeon (just our nickname) could potentially become a storage area for a set up, it would be great to recycle such items and would be interested to know if anyone would like to help or donate.

Buggy Park
We have been for many months trying to create a buggy park but trying to find tradesman if near impossible – if anyone knows of someone handy that would like to help, we would be grateful!

Apologies for the long newsletter, we tend not to do one over the summer but will be back now with monthly updates. As always if you have any questions, concerns or feedback please contact me directly, email is usually best. I would also like to thank you all for yet again your continued support, kind comments and recommendations. It has been an extremely challenging 18 months and you as parents and carers have been incredibly supportive. We are honoured to have your children, there is no better job in the world than watching them thrive. Our staff work extremely hard to provide the environment we have and you all make everything very worthwhile.

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May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our May newsletter, I hope it finds you all well and enjoying the sunshine.

Some big changes have happened over the last few weeks including new flooring in the Pre- School, a new Kiddybus for the children to get out and about, a new camera identification entry system and some new sleeping pods.

We are yet to create our Pushchair bay outside the Nursery and are looking forward to having some lovely new windows in Pre-School. We hope that you like the new additions and changes.

We are placing a big emphasis on toilet training, healthy eating and independence throughout the Nursery. We have gathered and collated information on how best to support our families from various professionals including our local health team. There are flyers and information booklets in and around nursery so please feel free to ask for one. If you feel that you need support with this, we are more than happy to provide this. Last year it was planned to have an informal social evening with Debbie Richards from Bladder and Bowel NHS. However, Covid interrupted this, I would be interested to know if any families would like me to try and organise this again? I would be happy to do face to face with covid measures in place but we could also look at virtual?

We are part of the Oral Health programme, which again has been delayed due to covid and as part of infection control decided to postpone! That will be due to start again after May half term, please look out for your home kits and make sure you re-sign a new consent form!

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April 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our April Newsletter, we have this week been enjoying the lovely sunshine and therefore have spent lots of time outside on walks and in the park. 
The children have loved this, as the sun is back can you please remember to pop sun cream and hat in your child’s bag! 

We have received some deprivation funding – which is allocated to something that will benefit the children. Therefore, we have purchased a Kiddybus, with 6 seats, this is a type of Pushchair which means we can get the younger ones out more often! We are really looking forward to it arriving. On this note, we are always open to suggestions of what you might like to see in terms of resources and equipment within the setting – please forward any ideas! 

Parent consultations went really well, if we did not have chance to catch up with you or it was not a convenient time please make contact at any time to discuss your child. 

Can we remind all our lovely families that we are a Nut free zone – due to a child having a severe Nut allergy we would rather not take any chances and felt this was the easiest way around it! 

Lost property
Please check in Nursery if you are missing any items, we have a box in reception! Lots of things have been misplaced, we label as best we can but if you can label your items that would be really handy as so many children have similar items! A concerted effort is being made to ensure the correct things go home – apologies to those who have had mis placed items! 

Spare clothes
Can we ask that parents provide two sets of spare clothes if possible – we do have plenty if not but the children have been enjoying lots of water/messy play lately and although we use aprons a lot of the time we can’t always promise they won’t get wet! 

Good Friday & Easter Monday we are closed for a little rest but will re-open on the Tuesday as normal. We hope that you all have a lovely long weekend together and wish you all a very Happy Easter! 

Lastly, thank you again for all your continued support, this spring term has felt long and it has been difficult for the children adjusting back to normal routine. That said, I am incredibly proud of how each individual has flourished since their return!

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February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year, I hope that it finds you safe and well.

Topics for February include Valentine’s day, Shrove Tuesday, our family and Chinese New Year!

Home learning sheets will be posted on the Front doors and Famly, it’s great to see what you get up to at home so please feel free to post your pictures and observations of your children.

Please could you check your child’s hair for headlice and treat as necessary.

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January 2020 Newsletter

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to you all, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas! A huge welcome to all our new families!

Phonics Night
Thursday 23rd January we will be holding a short session on phonics 18:30 in the pre-school, please register a space in the office. Please do come along!

Spare Clothes
Please can you make sure your child attends with spare clothes and any which have been borrowed can you please return. We are getting very short on age 2.5 plus! Thank you in advance.

It’s a want……
We are in desperate need of junk modelling items, tubes, newspapers, plastic pots.
Remote controls, telephones (house ones), mobiles and small plant pots.
Please bring them in if you have any surplus!

Toddler Room
Toddlers will be learning about their families at the end of this month and we will be holding afternoon tea for family members, I will confirm the date for this next week.

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December 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our December newsletter – a little late, we have been busy!

Last week we saw the Christmas play take place and I’m sure you will agree that all the children did exceptionally well.
A huge thank you to all the staff and parent helpers for making this possible.

As the end of the year draws to a close we as a team must thank you for your continued support and recommendations, you all make Fledglings a very special place!

A huge congratulations to our lovely Chloe from Pre-school on her recent engagement!

Please see me if you have not yet received your login for the app, this has proved to be very handy in communicating and as of January we will be adding the children’s learning and development to the system, the ‘red’ books will still be used to collate all of their photos and artwork.

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November 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our November newsletter, December is fast approaching so please make sure you have our dates for the Christmas play and Parties in your diary, letters will be sent out shortly with your child part in the play (should you need to provide anything.)
Friday 13th 10:00am, Christmas play – Trinity Church, Wednesday 18th 14:00 – 15:30, Pre School – Christmas Party. Thursday 19th 14:00 – 15:30, Toddler/Babies Christmas Party.

We are in desperate need of Newspapers if anyone has any they can spare!

The app is working well, we are adding more photos and observations as we go, it’s been quite a drawn-out process trying to get to grips with it, if you still haven’t provided us with an email please see me and I can get you onto the system.

We hope that you have all received proofs of the lovely photos which Jayne took! Any problems please see me!

First Aid evening with Liz Greenway
14th November at 18:45 in the pre-School, this is fully funded by us, please register your place so we can make sure we have enough cake! The session will last about 2 hours and will cover basic paediatric First Aid – Everyone is welcome!

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October 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter. Firstly, thank you for all your generous donations for the foodbank – we will be sending these off this week. It’s been a busy start to the autumn term with lots of new children – thank you all for your patience and understanding during our busy times of the day!

As the wet weather has arrived please could we ask that your child attends nursery with wellies and full wet suits – we aim to be out in all-weather unless it is unsafe to do so, we are also asking that your child bring slippers – please feel free to leave these items at Nursery should you wish too. (We will have some new bags on their pegs for all their belongings).

We are in need the following so if anyone has any surplus please bring them in:

Newspapers, pots & pans, utensils, telephones (corded), wooden garage and farm toys.

Lots of parents and carers are still not set up on our family app – if you haven’t received a link to set this up please give the girls your email and I will add you. We are changing the way that we record the children’s learning and development, these will be added to famly and you can also contribute – the Nursery Books will still hold all their lovely artwork and photos for you to keep!

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February NewsletterI hope this all finds you well, I am hoping that everyone is well & the Covid rate is dropping, after a hectic few weeks of several staff and children coming down with it.We are covering lots of different topics this month whic...
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